Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Prosciutto Ring

My bread from The Bread Bible this week was the Prosciutto Ring. I had been eyeing this recipe since I got the book, but I never had any leftover prosciutto, until now :)

There is no pre-ferment to this bread, it is a simple one rise and bake, so it only took a few hours start to finish. The taste was good, but I thought some added flavor from a sponge would have been good to balance the saltiness of the prosciutto. I would make it again with some additions, because it was so easy to make.


The DeL Sisters said...

Wow! That bread looks amazing!

Barbara said...

Lovely bread, Sandie! Do you know about the corrections to the Bread Bible that are posted at ?

I'm sure the folks on Rose's forums would love to see your pictures too -- you could post a link to your blog on the Forums on the Show & Tell pages if you want.

Have fun baking bread!